The Silk Road Cultural Belt


The Silk Road Cultural Belt is an initiative of the Callias Foundation, a non profit organisation based in Vienna. We aim to engage people from all over the world, for whom classical music is an important part of life, to become a source of inspiration to others by sharing their personal idea of silk in classical music, independently from aesthetic convictions in a specific cultural zone like East (Africa), West (Asia), North (Central Asia) or South (Europe) at the Conference of the Birds.

Our search for clear knowledge goes along with the professional curiosity of our first strategic partner, the musicians of the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra (SRSO). In their words: „We want to understand you, our international audiences and invite you, to become an active and conscious co-creator not only of the Silk Road Cultural Belt, but of our concerts in Vienna, along the Silk Road and beyond."

The SRSO believes that the Silk Road Cultural Belt provides a unique platform to share what each of us believes to be 'Silk' in classical music: basic human qualities as they are expressed in different forms of classical music.

We learn from #responsiblelisteners like you - around the world, along the Silk Road Cultural Belt and from the Conference of the Birds - what Silk in music means to you - by sharing one piece of music from your 'play-list' as a youtube-link, a video, or a mp3 file and leaving it in the belt for others.

This will allow us to compose together with you regardless of where you live a large mosaic of sources of inspiration.

In 2024 / 2025 our Curators will choose for the Berliner Dialogkonzerte one piece of music (Solo/Silk/Symphony) from the Silk Road Cultural Belt to create with your support new and exceptional programs.

As a reward for your source of inspiration Callias Foundation will mention your name in our program, website and press release. This way you can support the SRSO in it’s aim to create together with a virtual and real audience an active form of dialogue.

A heartfelt thank you to all the curious co-authors of the SRCB along the path from Miami, Tübingen or Kinshasa for your wonderful support also in 2023 to make this idea happen.

Hannah, a New York based music lover shared 'Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten' by Arvo Pärt as her personal source of inspiration and placed it in the northern part of China. We combined it in 2017 with the 1st Violin Concerto by Sergej Prokofiev and Ludwig van Beethovens 7th Symphony in A-Major op. 92. 

On the 26th of April 2018 the SRSO performed 'Ramification' by Gyorgy Ligeti, 'Fantasia' 3 by Achim Burg and the 'Grosse Fuge' op. 133 by L.v. Beethoven at the Artist Weekend in Berlin.  

On the 2nd of June 2018 the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra & Barocksolisten performed at the Neues Museum in Berlin BWV4, 106 and BWV 12 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Barbara Schnitzler from Deutsches Theater read a fragment from the Bhagavadgita joining Steffen Lehbrink with a fragment from Homers Ilias and the Gilgamesh epos. 

With 'Le Roi Danse' on the 15th of September 2022 the Berliner Dialogkonzerte continued in the Konzerthaus Berlin - Jean Baptiste Lully in a dialogue with fragments from the Maqâmen from Badi' as-Zaman al-Hamadhani' perfomed by Jeremy Mockridge.

On the 22nd of October the Callias Ensemble gave a concert in front of the 'Ishtar-Gate' at the Pergamonmuseum - Utopia & Rumi - performing works of Arvo Pärt, Morten Lauridsen, John Tavener, Anton Bruckner etc;

and on the 23rd of November 2022 the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra performed under the direction of Jan Moritz Onken a concert with Gustav Mahler's 'Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen' (Arr. A. Schönberg/Solist: Christian Wagner), 'Transfigured night' by Arnold Schönberg and the 5th Symphony by Franz Schubert at the RBB including one source of inspiration from the Silk Road Cultural Belt shared by Persephone from Sicily/Italy. 

These concerts took place in the context of the #EuropeanSilkRoad (wiiw)

and as part of the European Silk Road - App

The more people contribute their personal perception of Silk in classical music, the more inspiration we create together.



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